My Ultimate Dream

I consider myself a dreamer. I believe dreaming is the window to your true self and what it really wants, deep down.

You can have all the money and power  in the world and be reasonably happy, but, dream how much you want the things that money or power cannot bring you. Which says, you are not fulfilled by having money, deep down

You could be the most beautiful person in the world, but you can dream about living as a normal person, which in essence makes you, as normal as you and me, deep down.

Some dreams can be fulfilled, whether it sought out or just happens. Other dreams can never happen but they live on in your thoughts, just like the faithful tenant who pays the bill on time every month.

I have had some dreams already come true: Loving Family (check), Yankees winning a World Series (check, check, check, check and check), The Avengers movie (check), having friends who care about me (check), etc.

Some of my other dreams whether it was to be a successful writer, winning the lottery and buying my parents a house, hoverboards from “Back to the Future”,  be with Ms. X, etc. haven’t been fulfilled

My ultimate dream, the one that I’ll do anything to have:

Beautiful spring day in Brooklyn, I wake up in my beautiful riverside loft  in Williamsburg and do my normal morning routine (cup of coffee, check email, cereal watch some DVR).

I have don’t have a single worry, this morning and I can’t wait to get out the door.

My best friend Liz calls me and asks if i can help her and boyfriend Garrett to make cookies. Even in my dreams, i get a tad clumsy while helping them make the cookies at their Bakery but Liz and Garrett don’t care and the cookies are good.

Then, I get a call from my parents to ask if I can swing by for a bit. I go to Bay Ridge to see them and we joke around about things, my brother and sister come by and we watch some movies and play games.

My other best friend, Carly (Yes, my best friends are girls) calls me and asks me if I wanted to catch some new band and eat really greasy food after downing beers. We go and have a great time and we just shoot the shit at Diner afterward as I struggle to eat Mozzarella Sticks, she tells me our great friend Leah is coming back from London, next week to hangout with us.

I am excited and then I get a phone call from the movie theater I own asking me to lock up which I found was a bit weird.

I go to the movie theater and embrace my Uncle David (he passed away, 2 years ago after courageous battle with Leukemia. I miss him very much and always think about him) who works there as an Usher and is allowed to see all the movies he wants (he was the one who got me into my love of movies, sports, comics, etc.). He tells me, he needed help locking up Theater #1. I go into the theater only to have a surprise party with all my friends and loved ones.

I was so happy with the day I had completely forgotten it was my birthday and we all have a great time until the BIG SURPRISE comes. It’s Ms. X in a beautiful blue dress and a slow song plays and I somehow finally figured out how to dance and we dance away and after the party I go on the roof and she sleeps into my arms and I smile, not a worry in the world…. then I wake up.

That’s my ultimate dream.

I think in essence, I am a hopeless romantic seeking not a worry in the world. I don’t want anything special. I just want to be with the people I care about and feel comfortable in my own skin.

Unless Leonardo DiCaprio and his ragtag gang of Dream Inceptors planted that in my mind, though I wouldn’t care at all, if they did and Freddy Krueger stays the fuck away 🙂

– V. for Vinnie


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