LIVE like you mean it

Best Coach in the NFL

As many know, I am a diehard Sports fan. I live and breathe Sports. My favorite coach is Rex Ryan, the Head Coach of the New York Jets, the football team I root for.

Those who are not familiar with him, Rex Ryan is considered by many a sports fan (and non-Jets fans), a brash, cocksure blowhard who thinks he’s better than anyone by everyone. Because of that “label”, it took him a longtime to get a Head Coaching job with the Jets.

Rex in his two years of coaching the Jets, guaranteed the Jets would make the Super Bowl twice despite an inexperienced QB and one of the most dysfunctional football teams, while refusing to bow down to the Juggernaut franchise in the AFC, the New England Patriots and it’s genius, well-respected coach, the stoic Bill Belichick. Twice despite being underdogs, he nearly fulfilled that guarantee against all odds only to come short by 1 game.

What many people don’t realize is Rex, really is a Genius. What most think is a Cocky douchebag is really a Confident Mastermind putting the pressure on himself and away from his team thus uniting them in a “They don’t believe in us, I believe in you” mentality that has made the Jets in a team to be reckoned with.

I am currently reading his autobiography, “Play Like You Mean It” and I love this guy even more. His conviction, his candor, his determination, his approach to his craft and most importantly, his self-confidence is something to be admired.

I need to be more like a Rex Ryan. I need to know I am the best at what I do, not just think it. I need to stand up at what I believe in even though others may not agree because I know it’s right and nothing is going to change that. Lastly, I need to know eventually like it did for Rex, if you keep trying and want something badly enough, you can achieve it.

-V. For Vinnie


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