The Vinnie Romero Soundtrack Part 2

Bacon is great with anything!

The final 10 tracks of “Vinnie Rules” Soundtrack starring Kevin Bacon

Track Eleven: Deniece Williams “Let’s Hear It for the Boy” (

From the “Footloose Soundtrack” during that magical scene when Kevin Bacon taught the late Chris Penn how to dance . I personally think if Israel taught Palestine how to dance hip hop, I think the war for the Gaza Strip will end. Always makes me feel good and wants to have the world behind me cause I am the man! Though I can’t dance 😦 …Where are you Kevin Bacon

to teach me?

Track Twelve: Fountains of Wayne “Bright Future in Sales” (

Perfect song that describes the craziness that can happen to me at work sometimes but yet gives me a smile because of the perspective it gives me that, it will be alright.

Track Thirteen: Jermaine Stewart “We Don’t Have to Take Out Clothes Off”” (

I completely agree with the message of this song by this weird Prince-looking guy. We don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time… There’s always dryhumping… and cherry wine…ALL NIGHT! 😛

Track Fourteen: John Mellencamp “ROCK in the USA” (

This song is one my all time favorites because of the passion of the lyrics. John Mellencamp was heavily influenced by 60’s rock and that brought his passion to his music. I hope I can find something similar to that passion in my life and influence something just as like this song. I also love 60’s rock and soul as also.

Track Fifteen: The La’s “There She Goes” (

Whenever I see someone drop dead gorgeous, this song immediately pops in my head. Simple enough.

Track Sixteen: Rocky IV Soundtrack”Hearts on Fire” (

Best montage in the Rocky movies. Whenever I need a boost up to face the odds or I am at the gym trying to look for motivation. I pump this song on… Seriously, I want to go to the woods, chop logs, jump rope, run in the woods, lift stuff, climb a mountain and some steroid abusing Russian Cyborg boxer who killed my dear friend in the ring in front of James Brown. RIP Apollo Creed.

Track Seventeen: Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack “Axel F” (

Whenever I feel cool, I always hear this song as I walk and it makes me want to breakdance and hum the lyrics like this…

Track Eighteen: Jon McLaughlin “So Close” (

This pretty much sums up the Hopeless Romantic in me and Amy Adams was so hot in “Enchanted”, I dreamt this scene with me and Ms. X

Track Nineteen: Rick Astley “She Wants to Dance With Me” (

This is the more upbeat Hopeless Romantic song that describes me. Where have you gone Rick Astley? Rickrolling is the beesknees

Track Twenty: Bon Jovi “It’s My Life” (

My approach to my life now… Just that simple

So that’s the soundtrack… It will be at Best Buy and other music retailers and with have a picture of me eating a Burrito on the cover.

-V. for Vinnie


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