Nacho Camacho (Bad-Ass Hombre)

I am so Nacho (yes that's a Mighty Mouse t-shit)

Those who knew me best know my weakness is projecting confidence. It’s not that I am not confident in myself, but I am not confident others will accept me for who I am.

Perfect example, At my job I have been able to make fast acquaintances and friends.

Whether it’s my motherly co-supervisor, my mentor/big-sister other co-supervisor who I miss very much, my former neighbor who is a die-hard Cowboys fan, My 2nd Favorite Brit Copy person,  Two cooler than cool girls at end of the cube row I was at before I moved, The wise, happy-go-lucky lady at the other end who I never see not smile, my friends in Traffic who always look out for me, The Chicago diehard in Art, The other guy in art who pretty much watches the same TV shows I watch, The super-producer, my young allies in arms during the WC madness in December, etc. It wasn’t hard at all, because I was pretty much myself.

There’s one person at work I am completely scared to talk too. I try to say a little or no words If I see her and I get nervous. This has nothing to do with attraction, at all. She is not the aforementioned Ms. X. She is a great person from what I have seen, great to others, especially to my friends in traffic (which is my ultimate indicator on whether I like someone at work as a person) and really nice. I just have that fear I can’t be “me” around her. If that makes sense? I probably come off as some weirdo to her though it’s not my intention. It really isn’t.

She’s actually someone I should at the least be on friendly terms with at work but I just couldn’t figure out to breakthrough until I friended her on Facebook (woohoo for Social Media!) recently. The first icebreaker, she actually wished me happy birthday! She barely knew me other than the weird dude who occasionally wears Buddy Holly glasses and I’ve kinda opened more up to her through Facebook.

I, then came to the realization. I am “me” on Facebook, why can’t I be “me” with her in-person? It’s actually a lot easier for “me” to be me on the internet whether it is writing this blog or on Facebook cause I am like “Nacho Camacho” (awesome badass sounding name), funny-confident guy who has many different interests, loves foods and not afraid to have fun…   Why can’t I be “Nacho” in-person…So I am making it my goal to be more “Nacho” at work and be more open and say hi to that person and not worry whether she will accept me because all that matters is I stay true to myself.

Be on the lookout for Nacho Camacho, and yes, ladies he’s single. 😉

-V. for Vinnie


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