The Vinnie Romero Soundtrack 2011 Part I

Every year I always try to come up with a music soundtrack that best describe me as a person, if they did a movie about my life called “Vinnie Rules” (Played by Robert Pattinson, of course or Kevin Bacon and Directed by Michael Effin Bay). This is what I was able to gather up with rationale and links! This is the first 10, next 10 will be tomorrow:

Track One: Social Distortion “Story of My Life” (

Lately, I have been looking back at High School and remembering all the good times I had at Xaverian High School and remembering my High School crush. It was a girl named Kristen, a girl I knew when I was younger and was friends who blossomed into someone gorgeous. I never had the backbone to ask her out…Makes me wonder where she is now, tempted to pull a Zuckerberg and pondering looking her up on Facebook… (fingers crossed, if she’s still single)

Track Two: Depeche Mode “I Just Can’t Get Enough” (

The ultimate Happy Happy Joy Joy song…When I go to work in the morning and I need something to pep me up. Depeche Mode and “I Just Can’t Get Enough” is one of my go to songs. Hard not to listen to this song and not wanna sing and dance as you walk. Also reminds me of this recent classic TV moment (

Track Four: Adele “Chasing Pavements” (

Describes how I feel someone special currently. I call her “Ms. X” . She’s Wonder Woman and she doesn’t believe it though I know it’s true and I want her to see that about herself. She makes me really want to take on the world, something that was once an afterthought. I am crazy about this person though I know deep down, she does not feel the same way about me yet I still hope, she will someday.

Track Five: Barenaked Ladies “What a Good Boy” (

The lyrics to song that pretty much how I am feeling right now

Track Six: Billy Ocean “When the Going Get’s Tough” (

There has to be one Billy Ocean song. Pretty much describes my approach to my job, right now. Insane account, doing the work of three and somehow finding a way to tough it each day,

Track Seven: Joe Public “Live and Learn” (

100% agree with this song and the message. I miss New Jack Swing, as a music genre. Hip Hop/R&B/Rap is shit now, honestly.  Just a bunch of douches singing about how rich they are. Pass.

Track Eight: The White Stripes “We Are Going to Be Friends” (

My favorite lullaby. Simple yet heartfelt lyrics. I feel safe when I hear this song. I have some weird off crush on Meg White, maybe cause she is a rocker? Hmmm need to think about it.

Track Nine: 3 Doors Down “Be Like That” (

The lyrics really struck a chord with me. Describes the person I am and I want to be to others. As do all dreamers like me…

Track Ten: Ice Cube “It Was a Good Day” (

Whenever things get really bad, I try to listen to this song to put things into perspective to me and I hope the lights on the Goodyear blimp say “Vinnie Romero is a Pimp” (Not a “Pimp” Pimp silly)

The remaining 1o tomorrow!

-V. for Vinnie


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