Be in the Moment (Enjoy your Burrito)

Wisdom via Burrito

I have been meaning for a longtime in doing a personal blog.  As most of you who are reading who know me , know in essence I am an open book but to those who’ve recently gotten to know me, here is a brief summary of who is Vinnie Romero.

I was born and raised in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn to a loving Blue-Collar Puerto Rican Family. Son of Vincent and Matilda, the best parents I could ever asked for, brother to Tony and Ashley. though my younger siblings they drive me crazy I still love them and always would protect them. I love my family, very much. They thought me the value of humility, love, and the willingness to do anything for people you love.

I had a pretty unique coming of age. I was a pretty clumsy, uncoordinated child. It was discovered at a young age, I had “Learning Disabilities” and a borderline case of Asperger’s Syndrome.

While I was considered very smart, knowledgable, funny and could remember the entire rosters as an 8-year old of the 1991 Yankees, Mets, Giants,  Jets, Rangers and Knicks, scenes from “Die Hard” (I watched a lot of Action movies when I was young)  with an incredible memory and eye for detail on most things.  I couldn’t tie my shoes. Couldn’t properly grip a pencil. I had a lisp. Painfully shy.  Socially Awkward. Fell down tons of times, etc.

My parents refused to let me use that as a crutch, they got me the best help while also making sure I had a normal upbringing and I relied on tricks to get around the hurdles whether it was socializing through Sports or using Pop culture as talking points. I eventually overcame a lot of those issues though I sometimes struggle with some of them to this day though 99% of people probably wouldn’t notice.

That struggle and how I overcame it really shaped who I am as a person today and still continues to today in very clear but also subtle ways. It’s why I would do anything for those who I love and care about.  It’s why I am accepting and tolerant of others. It’s why I am such a hard worker. It’s why I have a unique funny take on life. Why I love Sports and Pop Culture and go the movies every week.  The reason why I became a Foodie and take photos of food…

While there are mostly positives, there are downsides, which are hard to explain to others. It’s mostly related to self-confidence.

The last two months have been really difficult for me.  Mostly in terms of life, love and career. It’s been really frustrating and exhausting lately to the point I couldn’t really sleep for weeks then I remembered something I heard once. … “Enjoy your Burrito”.

I heard it on a podcast where the speaker had went through a similar tough patch in life where nothing was going right. The only bright spot of his day was eating this awesome Burrito.

While eating his Burrito halfway, he would lament that he is near done from the best part of his day until he realized while he was halfway done, he still has the 2nd half of the Burrito to go!!!

It’s a great Burrito. So savor the Burrito, be in the moment and enjoy the hell out of it! Dont worry about what may or may not happen or never happen once its been eaten, right this second it’s the best fricking Burrito you ever had.

I think I am going to try to enjoy that Burrito (Chicken, No Beans or Sour Cream with Lettuce, Hot Salsa and Guacamole) with a Mexican Coke.

-V for Vinnie


One thought on “Be in the Moment (Enjoy your Burrito)

  1. Vinnie,
    You have a wonderful talent for writing, you are a very well spoken young man & also very full of life which is very admirable. I really enjoy your posts & especially your food pictures! Now, about that Gouda. 🙂

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